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Welcome to sharkmaneddie's GHOSTBUSTERS STATION! Feel free to roam around ande-mail me some of your compliments and fan pictures.

Hola seņor and seņoritas. I am sharkamaneddie, the station's master Ghostbuster. I have been a Ghostbusters fan for years. 






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This award is presented on the basis of stuff I like!  No panel of judges, no fair play, just my opinion.  So the award is basically worthless but nice looking.



Ghostbusters III Rumor

Fans from all over have said rumors of a Ghostbusters III movie. Yet it was true. However it was canceled due to one of the cast members dying. Who was Chris Farley. If you haven't heard he dyed in 1997 from a drinking incident. Anyways e-mail me and I will send a letter to Columbia Pictures or go to The River Of Slime Message Board and look for a topic called: GHOSTBUSTERS 3 PETITION.



Here is a cool movie. Evolution is directed by Ivan Reitman who was the director of Ghostbusters I and II. The movie comes out June 8th. It is sure to be a blockbuster hit. I will give a opinion on this sci-fi, comedy.